Whether it’s Two-Way Radio for operations, Radio Paging for staff, RFID for tracking capital equipment, Wi-Fi and Cellular coverage, staff and guests alike rely on wireless voice and data services to stay connected. Business travelers expect reliable wireless coverage in their hotel rooms and conference suites, while leisure travelers expect to send and receive calls and text messages in shops, spas, restaurants, poolside or anywhere throughout resort properties.
Internal operations rely on two-way radio and wireless data to run efficiently in today’s competitive hospitality market.

Resorts and hotels often have large footprints as well as a diverse clientèle, which can potentially make deploying a wireless solution quite difficult. Wireless Signal Solutions, with it’s future-ready technology, removes difficulties by providing a single platform capable of delivering multiple wireless services within one building, or distributed throughout an entire multi-building complex. With world-renowned clients like the Four Seasons and Fairmont Resorts, Wireless Signal Solutions helps create the ultimate guest experience with seamless wireless connectivity!