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What is DAS-Defined?

Wireless Signal Solutions has exceptional capabilities and experience in the implementation of large and complicated Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) solutions. Your organization should evaluate DAS solutions based upon a company’s PROVEN ability to design, install and support an environment like yours. Consider a partner that has been requested by manufacturer’s to lead the deployed solutions within Grand Central Station, large multi-building hospitals, universities and even to support First Responders at the biggest game of the year for professional football.

What sets WSS apart from our competitors is our proven implementation process. Our “DAS-Defined” process combines our understanding of network carriers, public safety agencies and wireless manufactures with a proven in-building wireless communications method of implementation that is backed-up by a contractual guarantee for full regulatory and carrier compliance.


  • TEMS Site Survey – complete assessment of the facilities and current coverage issues.
  • Final Engineering and Design – detailed plans and proposed solution.


  • Carrier Coordination – requirements and agreements of support in place.
  • Coax/Fiber Infrastructure – deployment and review of all wiring to support solution.
  • Cable Sweep
  • PIM Testing
  • Complete System Integration – WSS full checklist integration test and review.
  • System Commissioning – in service deployment.
  • Public Safety Compliance – validation for carrier and regulatory compliance.
  • Client Acceptance – review of implementation and performance criteria.


  • Warranty Support – full support for all issues during the warranty period.
  • Support Solution Offerings – standard and custom support solutions are available.

The DAS-Defined Process

The DAS-Defined process has been proven with scores of installations nationwide. A complex DAS installation requires unique skills and experience to provide seamless coverage to your employees and to our first responders. Use the company that provides your organization a unique guarantee of success that isn’t provided by any of our competitors.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and how our unique process can address your situation.

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