It wasn't long ago that wireless connectivity was considered a luxury. This is no longer the case. In-building wireless coverage for applications directly affects a company's bottom line. Yet any initiative that involves expense must be justified with a tangible return on investment. Ultimately, the benefits of wireless must outweigh the costs associated with providing that connectivity.


Wireless Signal Communications allows you to enable any mix of wireless services and application on a single infrastructure backbone that allows businesses of any size to boost productivity and save time and money.

Dependable, "Future-Proof" Wireless


The Business Case for Enabling Unified Communications

 An in-building wireless network allows you to:

•    Generate Revenue

From a business traveler choosing a hotel with guaranteed wireless coverage to conferences that host thousands of participants at a convention center, wireless coverage can be the deciding factor for your customers.


    Improve Customer Retention through Responsiveness

Customer service is no longer measured in days, but rather in minutes. Wireless coverage throughout a facility ensures that your employee's are connected to customer needs.


•    Reduce Expenses through Insurance Savings

Deploying comprehensive Public Safety communications systems inside buildings can lead to the reduction of insurance premiums.


•    Reduce Costs through Energy Efficiency

Approximately 30% of a building's electricity consumption comes from lighting. Wireless sensors can reduce energy consumption by as much as 35% and operating costs by 10% through simple automatic wireless monitoring


•    Enhance Productivity

The use of Smart Phones, Smart Tablets and cellular phones in today's workplace enables quicker information flow.


•    Reduce Expenses with Wi-Fi

Integrating WLAN networks on one in-building cabling infrastructure reduces capital and maintenance costs.


•    Enhance patient care while reducing costs with WMTS Telemetry

Hospitals require Wireless Telemetry systems to monitor patient status. Integrating WMTS with EnCOVER reduces cost in support of multiple networks.


•    Increase visitor satisfaction

Your customers, whether travelers or patients, rely on wireless.  In hotels, room key access is almost always given in the form of card keys used in conjunction with card readers. Installing a wireless card reader reduces costs by eliminating cabling requirements.


•    Reduce overhead through wireless Temperature Sensors

Hospitals require tight temperature control when it comes to sensitive areas like Blood and Tissue refrigeration. With Checkpoint Wireless Temperature sensors, hospitals can eliminate the costs associated with hard wiring access to every sensor.


•    Reduce Expenses with Public Safety

Combining Paging and Public Safety networks with EnCOVER eliminates the expense of purchasing, installing and maintaining a separate in-building network.



The benefits of wireless connectivity are numerous and today's applications have proven their ability to provide value through expense reductions, efficiency gains and revenue generation.  Learn more by contacting Wireless Signal Solutions today!

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