Today’s healthcare industry demands Reliable In-Build Wireless service. From the latest in wireless voice & data technologies, to equipment and critical-personnel tracking, Wireless Signal Solutions is a leader in Healthcare wireless applications. With our "Wire-it-Once" designs, there is no need to re-wire for system expansion and upgrades, for a "Future-Proof" wireless solution. Our "One-System, Multiple Services" designs are cost-effective and reliable.


At WSS, our specialty is "Healthcare" ! With clients like Banner Health, and University of Alabama Medical Center, Wireless Signal Solutions ensures that hospitals and medical campuses provide the most advanced patient care possible by enhancing operations and the patient’s experience through a reliable, seamless, future-ready wireless infrastructure.

Dependable, "Future-Proof" Wireless



VHF/UHF, Public Safety DAS, Two-Way Radio and Cellular

Cardon Children’s Medical Center

Ironwood Medical Center

Thunderbird Medical Center

Almost all In-Building DAS applications designed and integrated by WSS include a mix of Cellular, Public Safety and Private Radio Communications Enhancement:


•       VHF, UHF, 700/800MHz Private Radio Communications

•        Cellular & PCS Enhancement

•       VHF, UHF, 700/800MHz Public Safety Enhancement


Other WSS Healthcare Projects Include:


•       Cancer Treatment Centers of America®

•       Estrella Medical Center

•       Gateway Medical Center

•       Banner Health Paging

•       Arrowhead Hospital

•       University of Alabama Medical Center

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