Wireless technologies are empowering enterprise! From conducting business more efficiently, coordinating staff, to enhancing the customers experience, indoor wireless service is a must have in today’s fast paced wireless world. It’s not just visitors and guests that need consistent, reliable wireless communication, more and more ubiquitous coverage is indispensible for executives, public safety, internal security, operations and life safety.


To some, "wireless" equates to Wi-Fi enabled laptops, but it’s much more than that. The world today relies on mobile and smart phones, smart tablets, PDAs, and two-way radios to communicate. Your employees, customers, clients, students, patients, or guests need ALL these wireless tools to work - especially indoors! Public Safety demands wireless communications-access for Police & Fire personnel. Wireless Signal Solutions creates the ultimate business climate with seamless wireless connectivity.

Wireless technologies are empowering enterprise!



VHF/UHF, Public Safety DAS, Two-Way Radio and Cellular

Boeing Corporation

Desert Mountain Properties

Arizona Realty Association

Almost every DAS application installed and serviced by Wireless Signal Solutions has included

Enterprise Communications Enhancement:


•     Duplex UHF Communications and DAS System to support Fire and Safety requirements

 •    UHF Trunked Radio System consisting of three High-Power Motorola Base Repeaters

 •    Neutral Host DAS to support a real-estate business office that housed 25+ realtors


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