From Public-Safety to student and faculty coordination, wireless communications is an essential part of today’s campus environment.


Student’s bring their wireless enabled laptop to labs and classrooms rather than a pen and notebook, they check their email and surf the Internet from their SmartPhone, and pick up campus notices or assignments via SMS on their tablets. Today’s students and faculty need campus-wide reliable wireless coverage to ensure that the educational standards of the 21st century are not only met, but exceed the expectations for a true learning environment. More and more colleges and universities are providing the most state-of-the-art wireless amenities to attract the best and brightest faculty, staff and students.


A Wireless Signal Solutions designed system can enable Two-way radio, life-safety services as well as the traditional WLAN and cellular on one Future-Proof infrastructure throughout a multi-building campus with only one infrastructure. Reliable, Cost-Effective, Seamless!


Wireless technologies empower education!



VHF/UHF, Public Safety DAS, Two-Way Radio and Cellular

Midwestern University

Midwestern University

Midwestern University

Almost all In-Building DAS applications designed and integrated by WSS include a mix of Cellular, Public Safety and Private Radio Communications Enhancement.:


•       VHF, UHF, 700/800MHz Private Radio Communications

•        Cellular & PCS Enhancement

•       VHF, UHF, 700/800MHz Public Safety Enhancement


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