With more than 30 years of experience, WSS provides customized, cost effective solutions for all types of installations, nation-wide.


We offer a turn-key approach to ensure secure, uninterrupted in-building coverage, which greatly improves voice and data reception and reliability. Through our technology, users of all types of wireless devices are provided a higher degree of satisfaction and confidence in their ability to stay connected.

Distributed Antenna System (DAS) specialist, Wireless Signal Solutions (WSS) is a true Engineering Company and System Integrator for In-Building Wireless Enhancement.


Specializing in VHF/UHF, Public Safety DAS and Cellular

Ensuring that first responders and other public safety communications systems function within new and even some existing commercial and residential buildings is no longer an option...

Our "One-System, Multiple Services" designs are cost-effective and reliable. With the WSS "Wire-it-Once" designs, there is no need to

re-wire for system expansion and upgrades, for a "Future-Proof" wireless solution.

Wireless technologies are empowering enterprise!

From conducting business more efficiently, coordinating staff, to enhancing the customers experience, indoor wireless service is a must have

in today’s fast paced wireless world.


Whether it’s Two-Way Radio for operations, Radio Paging for staff, RFID for tracking capital equipment, Wi-Fi and Cellular coverage, staff and guests alike rely on wireless voice and data services to stay connected. Wireless Signal Solutions helps create the ultimate guest experience with seamless wireless connectivity.

Wireless technologies empower education!

WSS  can enable Two-way radio, life-safety services as well as the traditional WLAN and cellular on one Future-Proof infrastructure throughout a multi-building campus with only one infrastructure. Reliable, Cost-Effective, Seamless!

Wireless Signal Solutions works with operators, carriers and vendors to ensure their services are delivered as reliably indoors, as they are outdoors.

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